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Bananera Pagán, Yauco PR

Bananera Pagán, Yauco PR

Marvel, Guaynabo PR

Marvel, Guaynabo PR

Veteran Clinic, Mayaguez, PR

Veteran Outpatient Clinic, Mayaguez PR


Vaquería Toraño, Utuado PR

Products and Services

Our core values are directed for a complete solution to our clients, delivering the highest quality products to ensure the maximum energy production and structural integrity on a budget-oriented mind. Our goal is to provide the client with our extensive knowledge as a consultant, developer and contractor; making sure that the client understand each project decision and a direct participation in every stage. With a customer retention rate of 45% of our client asking us for additional projects after successfully installing a first project with them, does not only shows the company's strong beliefs in the values and high standards, but also in the excellent services, attentions and reputation in successfully completing a turn-key project in the renewable energy sector.

Photovoltaic Solar Panel System

Photovoltaic cells convert sunlight directly into electricity helping you become independent from the Power Authority (Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica AEE)


During the past years, renewable energy sources have grown immensely. In Puerto Rico we have sunlight mostly year round. A solar photovoltaic system (PV) enables you to be your energy provider, setting you free from energy companies and the price fluctuations that are out of their control. Plus you will help the ecosystem that will affect generations to come.


Green Energy & Fuels Inc. (GEFI) provides a turnkey service for your solar photovoltaic system installation. The payback period or return of investment is typically few years. The PV cells equipment that we sell has up to 25 years limited warranty.


We are here to provide you with a great quality service to help you invest in your need. We don’t sell just the system; we will provide you with the best solution! Take advantage of the tax credit incentive of 50% that you will obtain from installing a PV system with GEF personnel and equipment approved by the Energy Affairs Administration (Administración de Asuntos Enérgeticos).


GEFI Certifications are:

• LEED Project Management (USGBC)

• Certified PV Installers (EAA)

• Certified PV Designers (EAA)

For the tax incentive program, both certifications are necessary.


We can provide you with off-grid solutions. If you own an agricultural operation or Small Rural Business, we will help you with the proposals for requesting federal funds.


Warranty- 25 years (energy production - solar panels) Wind Resistance - up to 150 mph


- On-Grid Photovoltaic Solar Panel System for net metering- 


- On-Grid Photovoltaic Solar Panel System for net metering-        Comercial Solution


- Off-Grid Systems


  • Energy Audits and Energy Efficiency Assessments

This includes evaluation of the site,electrical bill and power factor corrections, energy consuming appliances loads as well as inexpensive solution such as passive cooling, shading and building surroundings focused in conserving energy.


  • Consulting

We can provide renewable energy projects assessment as well as feasibility studies, helping you in the identification of the best renewable energy system for your needs. Green Energy and Fuels, Inc (GEFI) personnel will hand over a turnkey project with all the necessary documentation for the cash-back grant from local and federal government if applicable.


  • Mechanical And Electrical Consultants

Our experienced and professional staff includes civil, structural, mechanic, electrical, environmental and process engineers; certified electricians. The GEFI personnel is trained and certified by the Energy Affairs Administration including a PhD resident engineer with 20+ years in industrial and government sector.


  • Project Management

We have combined expert staff with experience in sustainable development management, environmental and construction permitting and construction management, to help you achieve the project within budget and timely basis.


  • Lightning Retrofit

We provide you with a simple energy saving solution by changing your illumination sources, but not your illumination level. This will help you save money without a high cost investment.


  • Project Development

GEFI is a turn-key project provider, working with our customers with all the stages of a project: development, design, construction, financial help/grants, system installation and maintenance. We will carry each project from cradle to grave, keeping our commitment on delivering the best value and quality.  


  • Permits, Codes, Regulations and Products Approval

The Administration of Energy Affairs is the local office that regulates the installation of renewable energy systems. The PV solar system is regulated under a code which states that all products and installers must be approved by this regulating office.  Our projects comply with all of the Administration of Energy Affairs regulations.


  • System Design

The design is to be done by GEFI using the industry’s standard. The design includes the electrical and mechanical integration of the system. All the design will be done under the NEC part 690 that regulates the system design.


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Marvel, Guaynabo PR

Marvel, Guaynabo PR

Veteran Clinic, Mayaguez, PR

Mayaguez Outpatient Clinic II - Veterans Affairs Administration, Mayaguez PR


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