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Bananera Pagán, Yauco PR

Bananera Pagán, Yauco PR

Marvel, Guaynabo PR

Marvel, Guaynabo PR

Veteran Clinic, Mayaguez, PR

Veteran Outpatient Clinic, Mayaguez PR


Vaquería Toraño, Utuado PR

About Us

Green Energy and Fuels, Inc. is the leader corporation in Puerto Rico dedicated to the consulting, design and installation of alternative forms of renewable energy. We are committed to finish with the high dependence on imported oil, help our customers with the energy costs reduction, and the conservation of our environment. Our professional staff and products are certified by the Energy Affairs Administration (Administration de Asuntos Energéticos - AEE). For the tax incentive program, both certifications are necessary.

Our Mission

Deliver high quality alternative forms of energy systems to Puerto Rico. Satisfy the increase demand with these energy systems. Education and training in the use of renewable energy systems. These high value products will be of great benefit to our customers and beneficial to our environment.

Our Values
  • Compromised with Puerto Rico to be sustainable by local production of renewable energy.


  • Educate, collaborate, support and communicate with our community and customers.


  • Committed with the health and safety of our people, as well as the  protection of the environment. 

Our Vision

Be and maintain the leadership in developing, consulting, design and installation of renewable energy systems in Puerto Rico.

Our Objectives
  • Become the leader in Puerto Rico’s production of renewable sources of energy as well as fuels.


  •  Help Puerto Rico become energy diversified.


  •  Create local jobs related to renewable energy generation.


  •  Help business lower their operating costs.


  • Contribute with energy self-sufficient plan in Puerto Rico.


Green Energy & Fuels, Inc (GEFI) is the leader company in Puerto Rico in the renewable energy development, with more than 10MW developed and installed in the island.  Has bond capacity of 15+ million dollars.


Combined Expert Staff with experience in:

  • Sustainable development management

  • Evironmental & Constructions Permiting

  • Construction Management

  • Electrical and Mechanical Design

  • Project Development

  • Project Financing

  • Local and Federal Goverment Incentives


Our team consist of professionals with an average experience of 20 years in:

  • Permitting and Design

  • Environmental and Process Engineers

  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineers

  • Civil and Structural Engineers

  • Sustainable Development Management



  • Leed Project Management (USGBC)

  • Certified PV Installers (AAE)

  • Certified PV Designers (AAE)


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Marvel, Guaynabo PR

Marvel, Guaynabo PR

Veteran Clinic, Mayaguez, PR

Mayaguez Outpatient Clinic II - Veterans Affairs Administration, Mayaguez PR


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